In its MD and other degree programs, the School of Medicine educates future leaders in medicine, public health, and biomedical science. The MD program follows a unique educational philosophy, the Yale system of medical education, which was established in the 1920s by Dean Milton C. Winternitz, MD. No course grades or class rankings are given in the first two years, examinations are limited, and students are expected to engage in independent investigation. Since 1839 Yale medical students have written a thesis based on original research. The thesis requirement grew out of the recognition that the scientific process of investigation, attentive observation, interpretation of data, and critical evaluation of literature are fundamental to the practice of medicine.

Many Yale medical students opt to take a tuition-free fifth year to pursue additional study. Some conduct in-depth research or explore clinical electives and subinternships. A significant number each year are awarded fifth-year research fellowships and earn the MHS degree.

Each year, approximately 12 students enroll in the school’s MD/PhD Program, one of the original Medical Scientist Training Programs established and funded by the NIH. Graduate students in the Combined Program in the Biomedical and Biological Sciences earn a PhD degree through the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The School of Medicine also offers joint degree programs with other professional schools including Public Health, Law, Management, and Divinity.

Students by degree program 

MD Program 3

MMSc (PA-C)67

Of the 521 students enrolled in the M.D. Program, 64 are currently on extended study pursuing a joint degree, completing research, or a combination of research and clinical rotations.

MD Program details

Class of 2017 profile
Class size100
Acceptance rate6.5%
Average cumulative GPA3.8
MCAT mean of sections12.0
Male-to-female ratio50 to 50
Faculty-to-student ratio3.3 to 1
Tuition (2013-14)$51,480
Average debt (2011 graduates with debt)$123,910

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